• When you sow seed of Grace,
    you reap a harvest of Greatness. 


    Behavior Modification
        I use positive reinforcement as an effective motivation (i.e. praise, stickers, extra recess, etc.).  I believe it is very important to catch the children acting appropriately and reward them to encourage positive attention. 
        It is clear that children need to be given guidelines as to what is expected of them academically and behaviorally.  By establishing classroom rules and safety rules with the children, we develop a model for appropriate behavior at school.  I use consequences for misbehavior (i.e. time out, diminished free play, etc.) to ensure the safety and well being of the children.  I use these consequences, only when necessary, to discourage inappropriate behaviors. 
        I also believe it is very important to explain to the children that they all have the ability to make right choices.  However, when they make the wrong choice, a consequence will follow.  When a wrong choice is made, we will discuss what other choices could have been made in order to bring about a positive result.  I remind them of how much I care about them and encourage them to make better choices in the future.  
        I stress consistency in the use of both positive and negative reinforcement so that the children know what is expected of them at school.  This  consistency helps foster a positive attitude and good self image in each child as they learn to work with others in all situations.



Last Modified on August 23, 2020