•   Star Student of the Week

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    Dear Parents,

         Beginning Monday, October 7th, we will be starting the class “Star of the Week”.  During the course of the year, each child will have the distinction of being recognized as the “Star Student of the Week”.  The children will be given the opportunity to take our class bear home for the weekend which they may take anywhere they go, and with your help to write about your child’s adventures with Star Bear in a journal to be shared on Fridays with the class.

         In order to begin this exciting project, I do need your assistance in filling out the information on the following page, “All About Me”, as your child provides the answers to these statements. (You will receive a hard copy of this page which will be sent home with you at "Back to School Night").  Thank you so much for your assistance!


    Best Regards, 

    Mrs. O'Reilly 


     All About Me


      My name is ___________________________________________________________________.                    


      My family members are                      ________________________________________________________.


      My birthday is __________________________________________________________________________.


      My favorite food is ______________________________________________________________________.


      My favorite TV show is __________________________________________________________________.


      My favorite color is _____________________________________________________________________.


      My favorite book is _____________________________________________________________________.


      My favorite pet is ______________________________________________________________________.


      My favorite toy is ______________________________________________________________________.


      My favorite sport is ____________________________________________________________________.


      My favorite thing to do is _______________________________________________________________.


      I am special because ___________________________________________________________________.


      When I grow up, I want to be ___________________________________________________________.