Show & Tell


    Dear Parents,

         Every two months during the school year, your child will be bringing home a schedule for Show and Tell. The current month will be printed on one side and the following month's schedule on the reverse.  What has proven to work best in the past is to incorporate this fun activity into snack time each day.  Two children will bring in something that they would like to share on their given day.  I do ask that the object not be made of glass, be expensive nor be of sentimental value, and that your child be able to fit and carry it in his/her backpack.  Should your child forget to bring something in on his/her day, it is fine to bring Show and Tell in the very next day.

         Shortly your child will be given a class schedule for the first two months of school.  Please mark your calendars for the days your child has been designated to share his/her Show and Tell.  Should you and your child decide, you may place the item in a paper bag and attach three clues for the class to guess what the object might be. This seems to be what the children find most fun about Show and Tell!

         Show and Tell will begin on Tuesday, October 15th.  Thank you for your support and cooperation.




           Mrs. ’Reilly