• Birthday Party Celebrations
       Dear Parents:
         Birthdays are a special day for your child, and we will celebrate each and every one during the Kindergarten year.  If your child has already celebrated his/her birthday this summer, then it will be celebrated in our class during the month of June.  As Meadowbrook is now an allergy-free school, there will no longer be treats sent in to school for your child's birthday celebration.  If you would like, you may send in your child's favorite book from home that will be read in honor of his/her birthday, or your child may select a book in our classroom library to be shared with classmates.
         In the event that your child’s birthday falls on the weekend, please send in a book the following Monday so that I can plan the day's events accordingly.  Also, when your child is having a birthday party, you may send the invitations in with your child to school.  However, in order for your child to pass them out, there must be one for every child in the class or for all girls/boys respectively.  Otherwise, you must mail them.
          Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Thank you for helping to make your child’s birthday special at school!
                                                        Best Regards,
                                                         Mrs. O'Reilly