• Writing Workshop

    Our community of writers began the year generating ideas for longer pieces in their Writer's Notebooks.
    We have explored what it means to use a notebook to catch all our ideas in a safe space where they can stay until we're ready to use them.
    We are striving to remember that our notebooks may be messy and full of writing that other people will never see, and that's okay!
    We have created heart maps and lists of special places, people, and objects to record the things tha have powerful places in our minds and hearts.
    We have listed first times and last times to help us zero in on powerful memories.
    We have zoomed in on specific memories related to the special somethings in our lives, selected small-moment "seed" ideas.
    We have planned out our writing using timelines showing the external events and internal thoughts and feelings that are part of our small moment memories.
    We have drafted our narratives, following the points from our timelines.
    We are revising our personal narrative drafts. This is where the bulk of the work of writing really happens -- in the revising process!
    We are examining how other authors draw us right into stories with them by using vivid verbs, awesome adjectives, and "show, don't tell" details in specific ways. We are practicing these techniques in isolation, then applying them to our own stories.
    Though students may have worked with these ideas of "show, don't tell" details and other revision techniques before, we are building on previous years' work to gain independence in gathering and shaping our ideas and deepen our understanding of how writers write effective stories.
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Last Modified on October 23, 2020