What is Blob Tag? How do you play Sharks and Lifeguards in a gym? What is Turkey Hunt? This page is devoted in explaining some of the student’s favorite activities in P.E. Hopefully you can take some of these games and play them at home!

    Blob“Blob Tag” is a fan favorite here at ABS. One player begins as the blob ("it"). The rest of the players scatter about the playing area. On the signal, the "blob" tries to tag the other players. A player that gets tagged, must join (hold hands) the "blob". These 2 players must now stay joined and attempt to tag other players. As more players get tagged, they must add onto the outside of the blob. So, at any one time, the blob will only have two hands available for tagging (one on each end). The more players that get tagged, the larger the blob grows. The object of the game is to be the last player captured by the BLOB. 

    Playing at home? All you need is space to run and a couple of family members.

     The game "Sharks and Lifeguards" is a fun and active children's game that uses a large play parachute. Students are one of three people, a victim (a person relaxing at the beach) a shark or a lifeguard. Most of the students start off as victims. They spread out and sit down with their legs outstretched underneath the parachute. The parachute is the surface of the water, and each victim must shake the parachute to make "waves" that hide the "shark." The shark crawls underneath the parachute, waiting to select a "victim." The "shark" quietly creeps over and grabs a "victim" by his ankles and drags him underneath the parachute. The "lifeguard" patrols the outside of the circle, watching and waiting for a sign of distress. When the "lifeguard" sees someone getting pulled under, she runs over and tries to save the "victim" by grabbing his hands before they disappear under the "waves.” If the "lifeguard" grabs the "victim" then the "shark" must let go. It's not a tug-of-war. If the "victim" is pulled under, the "shark" wins. If the "lifeguard" reaches the "victim," the "lifeguard" wins.

    Playing at home? Instead of a parachute, grab a big blanket and enough space to spread it out. Take turns playing all three roles and have fun. 
    The game “Turkey Hunt” was a student favorite during Thanksgiving. Humans have always hunted Turkeys for their Thanksgiving meal except this year! In this fun scooter game, the turkeys hunt the humans. Four students are designated as turkeys by putting on their brightest feathers (a yellow jersey) and by holding a rubber chicken. The gym is decorated by standing up mats and creating places for humans to hide. On the signal, turkeys round up and tag as many humans as they can. If a human is tag they perform an exercise and get back in the game. An exciting twist to this game is telling the students that the turkeys are better hunters at night. The gym lights are turned off and the hunt begins!

    Playing at home? Make as many hiding spots as possible. Use couch cushions, blankets, chairs or anything you can hide behind. Make one person a turkey. Hide for as long as possible without getting caught. Once you get caught you can change positions.  

                                                      Happy Turkey
     HAVE FUN!!!!!
Last Modified on December 1, 2020