• Physical Education Grading
    Please click on the following link for more descriptions: P.E. Grading Explanation 
    Participates with effort, cooperates, follows directions.
    Demonstrates an understand of concepts and skills.
    4 = Exceeds grade level expectations - Extends key concepts, processes and skills, independently and consistently works beyond stated grade-level benchmarks.
    3 = Meets grade level expectations - Consistently grasps and applies key concepts, processes and skills.  Successfully meets grade-level.
    2 = Approaching grade level expectations - Beginning to grasp and apply key concepts, processes, and skills.  Progressing towards grade-level benchmarks.
    1 = Below grade level expectations - Not grasping key concepts, processes, and essentials skills.  Area of concern that may require support. N/A = Not assessed at this time
Last Modified on December 1, 2020