• Vocal/Instrumental Music Assessments



    General Music


    ·        Observations of children’s individual and/or group responses in regards to rhythm and pitch


    ·        Observations of the expected level of effort, participation and conduct (required for a group’s successful musical performance)


    ·        Responses to Individual and/or group questioning as it takes place throughout the lesson


    ·        Written assessments in the form of listening quizzes and/or knowledge–based quizzes


    ·        Projects assigned to assess to students’ overall grasp of various musical concepts learned


    ·        Evaluation by listening to recorded performances and/or auditions


    Instrumental Music


    ·        Listening to the children’s performances to assess skill level, tone quality, and proper technique


    ·        Group performances evaluated with large and small ensemble groups, in regards to following a conductor, and listening to other performers in a particular section



    Vocal/Choral music


    ·        Evaluation by listening to recorded performances and/or auditions


    ·        Daily observations of choral groups and soloists in regards to tonal quality, intonation, diction, and following the conductor


    ·        Successful  performances at Concerts and other events by the various choral groups

Last Modified on December 18, 2012