OUR BOOK: Big Ideas Math (currently using Volume 1)
    CURRENT CHAPTER: Chapter 5: Division
    CURRENT LESSON: Long Division
    Links to websites you need and videos that may help with your work can be found at the right.
    Students have access to all the material posted here on Google Classroom as well.
    Tips and Reminders
    Big Ideas Math Online: Students should have usernames and the passwords they created written down inside the front cover of Volume 1 of their books.
    IXL: Usernames and passwords were emailed directly to students in early September. Practice recommended skills any time!
    The skills IXL recommends are based on student work in the Diganostic Arena and will help improve general math work
    The skills that I recommend are based on what we're working on in class right now, as well as skills with which I know specific students could use extra practice.
    Additional Skill Practice: I have set up a few students with access to an additional online resource for multiplication fact practice. If your student is among them, you have already received an email about it from me. If I have not offered this to your student but you would like them to have access to it, please let me know!


Last Modified on January 4, 2021