Our Classroom
    Attending school every day is very important to your child's success.  Being prepared for the day is even more important.  Please make sure your child has a good breakfast each morning and is dressed appropriately for the weather.  Even on very cold days, we try to get outside at least once during the day so remember gloves and hats!  If your child is sick, however, a day at home to rest and relax will make them much more prepared the next day.  Just call Mrs. Catton and let her know.


    Please make sure your child's backpack is packed each day with their take home and homework folders, morning snack and lunch/lunch money. 

    Behavior Management


    I strive to make the classroom a very safe, welcoming environment for all the children.  By working together, we are able to make the class more successful.  I have a surprise reward to promote positive behavior as a group. The children need to work together to keep their room clean, be good listeners and follow the rules.  It is important not to just work for yourself, but to work as a group.  Each time the class is caught working together and quiet, they earn a piece of Mr. Potato head.  When he is completed, we celebrate! 
    There is also a tray of “Brownie Points” in the classroom. This tracks how many compliments the class has received during specials, assemblies or just walking down the hallway.  Each compliment earns a brownie on the tray and 25 earn a class reward! 

    On an individual basis, I use Disney Dollars and a WOW board.  They can earn dollars for being ready, sitting quietly, working hard, etc.  Encourage your child to receive as many as possible!


    Book Orders


    Almost every month, I send home a Scholastic Book Club order. This is a completely voluntary order. Scholastic offers these best selling books much cheaper than bookstores. If you choose to order any books, you can either return your order form by the given date with a check made out to Scholastic Book Clubs or use the online link to place your order with a credit card.


     Classroom Volunteers


    From time to time we will do activities that need some extra hands. There is a sign up sheet at Back to School Night or you can send me a note if you would like to help at anytime.




    I try to send notes home to keep you informed of what is going on in the classroom as well as upcoming events. If you ever need to reach me, please do not hesitate to call the school, send me a note or email me at mcoombs@hillsdaleschools.com.



    Our school day ends at 3:10. This year I will dismiss out our classroom door into the courtyard.


    Early Dismissal Days


    On an early dismissal day, school ends at 1:00 and there is no lunch time. We eat in the classrooms around 11:00.   It is very important to send your child with a larger snack or light lunch on these days. The cafeteria is closed
    so children are unable to buy milk or snack.


    How You Can Help


    Talk with your child every night! Read books together. Ask what they did in school. Look through their backpack and go over their homework. Practice sight words and fundation words that come home.  Most importantly, show your

    child that you care about what they are doing. Email me or send me notes if there is something you would like to talk about. When we are able to work together, your child will be more successful. Now is the time to start good work
    habits and positive feelings about school.




    If your child will be buying milk or a snack at lunch time, make sure it is in a baggie or envelope with their name clearly written on it. Many loose quarters are misplaced by lunch time.




    Please send morning snack in a separate bag (lunch type bag, plastic bag, ziploc) with your child's name clearly printed on it. I am always amazed at the wonderful, healthy snacks I see every morning! Remember our classroom is PEANUT and TREE NUT FREE!


    Star Student


    Star Student is a fun activity we do that allows all children in the classroom to show off just how special they are. Beginning in the fall, each child will be our Star Student for a week. I will send home information along with a special friend the Friday before.