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    I am a registered merit badge counselor for a number of Scout merit badges and I am willing to work with students on them. You will need your Scoutmaster's and a parent's approval as well as a signed blue card.  Come see me after school in Room 303.


    The badges I am a counselor for include: (click on link for list of requirements)

    **You can complete a lot of this badge in 7th grade Social Studies!**  See me for details!

    A good way to organize and get prepared for completing these merit badges is to check out the merit badge worksheets.

    I am also willing to talk with students about their constitutional rights and obligations as a U.S. citizen for 1st class rank requirement.

    "5. Visit and discuss with a selected individual approved by your leader (elected official, judge, attorney, civil servant, principal, teacher) your constitutional rights and obligations as a U.S. citizen."


    Visit the camp I have worked at:

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    Online Scout Games

    To learn about Scouting and see what it's all about go to
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    For information on how to join in Hillsdale go to: www.nnjbsa.org. There are three troops that meet in Hillsdale.