• Welcome to 8th grade Financial Literacy.   In this course you will learn how to manage money, income and careers, how a paycheck works as far as the difference between gross pay and net pay, budgeting, how debt works, how the national economy affects workers and consumers, and how insurance works.  We will also see how certain investments work, including tracking the stock market. This cycle will last half of the trimester.



    • folder
    • Fully charged Chromebook
    • Earbuds 
    • Pen and Pencil (these will be provided if they forget it)



    Students who are absent are responsible for all work that is missed.  If a student misses class due to a school activity it is his/her responsibility to get all homework and classwork missed before going home that day.



    Tests, quizzes, projects, and other types of assessments count as 90% of the trimester grade.   Class participation will count as 10% of the grade.



    Extra help is available most days after school Monday through Friday except for “C” days.  Students should ask to come after school to make sure I will be there. 



    I ask that you sign up for Remind.  I occasionally send out letters and reminders and it is an easy way for us to communicate with each other.



    If you have any concerns about your child’s progress, I can be reached at mrosenberg@hillsdaleschools.com or through the Remind App.