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    Welcome to YOUR AMERICAN ADVENTURE through 6th Grade Social Studies. This year we will learn about the events that shaped our nation from the French and Indian War, events leading to the Revolutionary War, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark, to the time of the Civil War. We will learn about the Presidents and events that shaped this country from Washington, and Jefferson up to Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln. We will also learn about our founding documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Wha

    t makes it so exciting is that it is the story of OUR country and what a story it is!


    Here are some procedures and expectations that are designed to help achieve success this year:


    The following should be brought to class daily:
    Social Studies binder with loose leaf paper
    a folder that fits in your binder
    2 blue or black pens and a pencil
    fully charged Chromebook (with earbuds)

    For use at home:
    a box of colored pencils
    glue stick

    I have supplies in the classroom for your use if you are missing something.



    Homework is an important part of this class. Written assignments should be typed and printed out unless otherwise stated. At no time should a student cut and paste work from a computer-accessed source without giving proper citations for that work. Reading assignments are equally important in the preparation of material for the next day's class. All written assignments will either be checked, or collected and graded. Full credit will be given to all homework that is completed and handed in on time. All work will be expected to be completed even if there is a loss of credit. It is to every student's advantage to keep up with his or her assignments and turn in any assignment that is missing even if it is late.




    Tests will be announced in advance. A study guide will be distributed and is expected to be completed as a homework assignment and signed by a parent. Extra credit on the test will be awarded for completion of the study guide and having the study guide signed by a parent. Quizzes may or may not be announced. Class activities and some homework assignments will also count as quiz grades.




    Study Guides are given out two to three days prior to most tests. Students should complete the study guides using the text, their notes, and their homework. They should bring them to class the day before the test signed by a parent to get full credit. An in-class review is held before each test where the students can check their study guides for accuracy. They may add or change information on their study guides during the review.



    Students who are absent are responsible for all work that is missed. This includes notes, quizzes, homework, and tests. Please check my website for homework assignments, contact a classmate, or request homework.

    If a student misses class due to a school activity (for example Knowledge Quest, Instrument Lessons, Chorus, etc.) it is their responsibility to see me to get any homework and classwork that they missed that day.



    Extra help is available most days after school Monday through Friday with the exception of "C" days.  It is encouraged prior to tests. Students should make sure I am going to be available if they are planning on coming.



    Students are expected to have a minimum 1" binder for Social Studies.    
    Notebooks will be checked periodically and counted as a quiz grade.  




    Tests, projects and other types of assessments count as 50% of the trimester grade. quizzes/class activities average into 35% of the grade. Homework assignments count as 10%,  and class participation is 5%.  Occasionally in class assignments and homework assignments will count as tests or quizzes.


    If you have any concerns about my class or your child's progress, you may contact me by e-mail  (preferred) mrosenberg@hillsdaleschools.com or through Remind.  I will try to answer e-mails in a timely manner. I can also be reached by calling the school 201-664-0286 ext. 6114 and leaving me a message.  I will try to return phone calls as soon as I can. I would like to keep the lines of communication open.  If you have any questions about anything that is happening in my class or your child's progress, please contact me first so that we can solve the issue.