Mission Statement:

    The mission of the school counseling program is to offer student services that support academic, career, and personal/social development and are accessible to all students. School counselors collaborate with students, teachers, administrators parents/guardians, and stakeholders to prepare all students with the abilities to be a morally sound, self-sufficient individual.


    Belief Statements & Guiding Principles:


    1. All students learn differently; therefore, school counselors identify and deliver the necessary resources to provide students access to an equitable education.

    2. School counselors develop students’ critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills in alignment with the three learning domains: Academic, Career, Personal/Social. 

    3. School counselors have a professional responsibility to advocate on behalf of ALL students.

    4. Smith School believes schools, families, and community are partners in the education of ALL children.

    • School counselors display leadership skills to build relationships with all stakeholders. Also, display the ability to collaborate with all stakeholders. 

    5. Research-based interventions and strategies are applied on an individual, class-wide, and school-wide scale.

    • Data collection and evaluation are cornerstones in developing holistic comprehensive school counseling program.  

    6. School counselors exercise ethical decision-making based on the best interest of the student’s well-being. 

    7. A School counselor functions in alignment with his or her national, state, and school’s academic/ethical standards.