•                                                           Physical Exam


    School Health Guidelines, put forth by the New Jersey Department of Education, require the Hillsdale Board of Education to adopt their policies regarding student physical examinations.  All new students and those entering kindergarten are required to have a physical examination, including immunizations, prior to school entrance.  It is strongly recommended that students entering 3rd and 6th grades have a physical examination.  Forms will be provided by the school nurse for your physician’s completion.  The completed forms should be returned to your school nurse by September 30 of the current school year. PE Physical Exam Form 



    All students who are planning to try out for a school sport must have a physical examination performed within 365 days of the try-out date.  After receiving the completed physical form from your physician, the Board of Education physician reviews it and makes a determination whether to clear your child for participation.  Please be assured that this policy is in place to promote the health and safety of our student-athletes. 



    School Health Guidelines, put forth by the New Jersey Department of Education, require the Hillsdale Board of Education to conduct annual screening programs to monitor the growth of school-age children.  These programs include audiometric (hearing) screening, vision screening, height/weight measurements, and scoliosis screening.  Blood pressure screening will be conducted as needed. 


    Generally, audiometric screening is performed in October or November for students in grades 1-8.  All kindergarten students are screened individually throughout the school year.  Every effort is made to complete the vision screening by December or January of each school year.  If a parent or teacher has a concern about a particular student, that child will be screened earlier in the year.  Height/weight measurements are completed by the end of October.  Blood pressure screening is performed on students who have not had a physical examination within the past year and is ongoing throughout the year.  Scoliosis screening is performed on students in grades 5-8 to detect abnormal spinal curvatures.  The purpose of this program is to recognize a problem at its earliest stages so that intervention may begin as soon as possible.  The procedure is a simple one during which the student’s spine and posture are inspected as he/she stands and bends forward.  Boys and girls are screened separately.     


    As with all screening programs, parents/guardians of students whose results deviate from the established guidelines will be notified and advised to contact their healthcare provider.  Please do not hesitate to contact your school nurse for any questions, comments, or concerns.