Here are a few games that I thought were fun to play and learn about different parts of the library and how they are used. 
    FICTION OR NON FICTION -  You have to decide where to place these books in our library.  Are they FICTION books that are made up by the author or are they NON-FICTION books that contain facts and true events. 
    FIND THE BOOK  - BE THE LIBRARIAN -  You get to be the librarian and help the students find the books they want.  Be quick, they don't like to wait.  Remember to study the pictures before they leave the screen. 
    TYPE OF BOOK HANGMAN - Play hangman using the clues given to decide the kind of book a student is looking for.
    MATCHING/CONCENTRATION - Match the books with the correct spine label.  Be Careful!!  Look at the all the letters :)
    UNSCRAMBLE - Unscramble the book genres using the clues they give you.  Be careful to spell correctly and use all the letters they give you.