** The NEWEST remote learning schedule is now posted on my "Remote Learning Daily Schedule" page. It began Monday, May 11.  Updated further 5/12 to reflect our new last day of school, 6/15 **
    Grades have been updated in RealTime. Please log in to the Parent Portal to see which assignments your student has turned in and which ones they have not. Some assignments have point values entered, some have point or percentage values, and others are marked only complete or incomplete. Assignments that students have not submitted have been left blank so you can easily see what is owed.
    We are still waiting for final word on how grades will be formally recorded for this remote learning period, but for the time being I will continue to provide gradebook grades as a way for you to help monitor your student's learning. Please know that the students are also receiving feedback from me on their work in a variety of formats -- written commentary, video reviews, live whole-class and small-group sessions, email, and by-request one-on-one remote meetings.
    ~*~*~ THANK YOU for all your wonderful work during our remote learning time together! ~*~*~
    ~*~*~ I am SO PROUD of my teams!! ~*~*~
    Families: thank you thank you thank you for helping our students be successful in their remote learning endeavors.
    * Email is the best way to reach me. Ask a question, share a concern, or just check in!  I will be most available to respond during office hours, between 12 and 1 PM on weekdays. *
    Be well, everyone!
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Last Modified on May 12, 2020