What does a school counselor do?

    The most important role of the Counselor is to be an advocate for students.

    • To provide assistance to all students with their social, emotional, and intellectual growth
    • To provide developmentally appropriate individual, small group, and classroom lessons for students regarding social, emotional, personal, family, behavioral, or peer difficulties, which are interfering with their educational or personal growth
    • To provide teachers, parents, and students with referral resources in various areas such as:  child development, academic abilities, parenting challenges, outside counseling services, grief and loss, family change and dynamics, suicide awareness, and various other mental health issues
    • Assist with the formulation of the IEP (individual educational plan) and coordinate counseling services recommended 
    • Assist parents, teachers, and students with the use and interpretation of tests results and student records
    • Maintain confidentiality at all times, unless a need to know situation arises, during that time, the counseling will collaboratively work with the principal, teachers, parents, and students regarding the well-being of the student

    From the American School Counselor Association---

    "The Essential Role of Middle School Counselors":