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    Middle school is a special place.  It gives students:

    • OPPORTUNITIES:  You’ll have a chance to: meet new people, develop new skills and interests,  and think about your goals for the future. 
    • MORE INDEPENDENCE:You may also have a chance to: choose classes and activities that interest you and pick your own topics for long-term assignments, such as research projects and book reports.


    Starting Middle School is a big step!  It’s OK to feel:·     

    • EXCITED - there is a lot to look forward to!·   
    • NERVOUS - starting middle school can be a little scary.  Don’t worry—lots of other students will be feeling nervous, too.    
    • SAD - it can be hard if you aren’t in the same classes with some of your old friends. But, you will have a chance to make new friends in middle school.


    How is Middle School different than elementary school? 

    • Different classes- you will be changing classrooms for many subjects.  You’ll need to learn where each class is, who the teacher is, and what time it starts. 

    • New rules- it’s your responsibility to learn what the rules are.  Make sure to review the school rules and your student handbook.

    • A busier schedule- you may have less time to get from one class to the next.

    • Your own locker or cubby- instead of having only a desk to store your things in, you may have a locker or cubby.  You’ll be responsible for keeping it neat and organized.

    • More classmates- there may be different students in every class you have.  Some may be from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. 

    • More homework (see suggestions below for getting organized!)

    Getting Organized

    Here are some tips to help you get started: 

    • Get organized

    • Use an assignment book

    • Be sure to understand your assignments

    • Keep your desk/locker/cubby neat

    • Make time for homework and studying

    • Break big projects into smaller ones

    • Get enough sleep and prepare for the school day the night before.

    Making New Friends

    Here are some ideas for getting to know new people:

    • Be friendly
    • Be a good listener
    • Get involved
    • Be yourself
    • Improve your self-esteem
    • Be a good friend

    Don’t worry if you don’t make friends right away.  Building good friendships can take time!  

    Common Question & Advice: What if I feel too much stress or pressure? Talk to an adult you trust, such as a parent, teacher, counselor, or principal. You may also wish to get advice from an older brother, sister, or family friend. Talking about your problems is the first step toward solving them.  

    So remember to make the most of Middle School! Remember:

    • Get organized - schedule time for homework and other activities.

    • Try new things - join a club or take a class that interests you.

    • Meet new people - get involved in school life.

    • Avoid trouble - stay away from people who bully you or who pressure you to do things you don’t want to do.

    You’re on your way to a great middle school experience at George G. White!