Dispensing Medication 

    Dispensing Medication 

    Pupils requiring medication at school must have the written directions and/or school medication form completed by the family physician. This will identify the type of medication, the dosage, the purpose of the medication, and direct the school nurse to administer the medication as to the time at which the medication shall be administered according to the physicians’ order, and the length of time for which the medication is prescribed as well as possible side effects. It must be sent in the original bottle with the name of the pharmacy and the medication written on it, along with a note from the parent giving permission to give the medication.


    The school nurse should be advised of any drug being taken by a child in school or at home, particularly those which might cause a change in behavior.


    Board policy does not permit us to provide students with Aspirin, Tylenol or any other medication without proper authorization from a licensed physician and written permission from the parent or guardian.

    N.J. Law-School nurses are not permitted to give OTC medications with out a physicians script.
    Pupils with asthma or another potentially life threatening illness may self administer medication. There are strict guidelines that apply to this and parents should contact their school nurse for further information.
    Reminder-Medication orders are good ONLY for the school year and must be RENEWED ANNUALLY.