• Hygiene

    As your child makes the transition to middle school and their bodies get ready for early adulthood it is important for them to establish good hygiene routines.
    We encourage these good hygiene strategies at school and encourage you to do the same at home.  
    The following are examples of good DAILY hygiene practices. 

    • Shower or bathe every day or every other day.
    • Wash hands ALWAYS after using the restroom or before and after eating
    • Wash hair daily or every other day.
    • Use deodorant or antiperspirant at least once a day
    • Use deodorant or antiperspirant at least once a day.
    • Brush teeth twice a day and, preferably, floss daily.
    • Wear clean/unsoiled clothes every day.
    • Wear clean socks and underwear everyday.
    • Maintain your general health through exercise, plenty of rest and good nutrition.
    • Using the restroom, before and after eating, playing outdoors, touching animals.
    Thank you, 
    Christina Fanelli RN
    School Nurse