• If your child/ children have an allergy (OF ANY KIND) please let the health office know. Mild allergies are important to note as well! 

    If your child has a life-threatening allergy and requires an epi-pen to be kept at school, please fill out ALL the forms below. Please note that a parent/ legal guardian will have to fill them out, as well as a physician. 

    1. The first form is the F.A.R.E form, (Food Allergy Care Plan). 

    2. The second form is giving any epi-pen designee (including the nurse) permission to administer the epinephrine auto-injector to your child if needed. 

    3. The third form covers 2 different topics. The first is if you wish to grant permission for the school Nurse to share medical information with necessary personnel that are involved in the daily care of your child. The second part is if you want your child to sit at the nut-free table during the lunch period. 

    There will always be a Nurse or Epi-pen designee on School trips. 

    There are no parties that contain food at GW unless otherwise discussed.

    GW does have a classroom where the students learn to cook and make food. ALL allergies are taken into consideration and accommodations are made if need be.