• Below are brief instructions for addressing common issues that occur with your PC's and laptop computers.


    I can't access the Teacher, General or Office Share.
    I cannot Print.
    In order to access the share folders (ie: teachers,  general) or to print you need to be logged into the network. You must provide a username, password and the correct domain name (hillsdaleschool). To check  if you did this correctly click on MY COMPUTER. There you should see your networked drives (teachers, general etc.)Click on one of them. If you can get into the files you are signed onto the network. If access is denied or they have a red x going through them you have not properly logged on. If this is the case, close out of my computer. Click on start and log off. Try logging on again with the correct information. You can also reboot your machine and log on.
    If you get an error when you log on or you log on but still cannot access the folders there may be a problem with your connection to the network drops in the room. Check that the cat5 cable is connected properly to one the ports in the wall. There should be a green light lit where the cable connects to the back of the PC. If it looks okay, check and see if you have access to the internet by clicking on internet explorer. If you can access webpages then everything is plugged in correctly.
    If you still are still having problems after taking these steps contact the technology department.

    I cannot access the internet.

    Check to make sure that the Category 5 cable is plugged correctly into the wall drop as well as the back of the machine (cat5 cables may be gray, blue or yellow and plug into the boxes that look like large phone jacks)

    Reboot the computer and log in again.

    Click on Internet explorer. If the page does not open, try typing in another website Ex: www.yahoo.com.

    If these steps do not work contact the technology department for assistance.


    My Computer Will Not Shut Down. -- It is frozen.
    This is a common problem with many of the older windows 98 computers. There can be many causes for such a problem. It is usually a result of an aging machine. The best fix for this problem is find the power putton on the tower. Hold down the button for 10 seconds. All of the power will be released from the machine. The computer will shut down.

    The Taskbar has moved to one side of the screen. How can I move it back?
    Click on an empty part of the taskbar and drag it to the bottom of the screen.

    Due to poor eyesight I have difficulty reading onscreen. Is there anything I can do to make it easier to use my computer?
    Click on Start, All Programs, Accessories, Accessibility and then Accessibility Wizard. This will help you change the settings on your computer to display larger fonts or set the Magnifier tool to magnify the area of the screen around the cursor.



    I have Automatic Updates turned on for Windows XP but do I need to look for updates for the other applications that are loaded on my computer?
    Most software developers release updates to their products if they discover security problems and you should check regularly for updates for any programs that connect to the internet. For Microsoft Office, for example, click on the Help menu and select Check for updates. Office will open Internet Explorer at the Office Update page. Follow the instructions to find and install updates.

    I can't find a way of deleting emails without their contents appearing in the preview pane of Outlook Express 6 first. I'm worried that this might pose a security threat. What can I do?
    To turn the Preview pane off, double-click on it and then click on the View menu and select Layout. Uncheck the Show preview pane box under Preview Pane options to remove the tick and click on OK.



    I write a monthly newsletter for a local association and would like to personalise it to include people's names at the top. How can I do this?
    Create a table in Word or Excel containing all the information you need to personalise your letters with and then write your newsletter as normal. Then click on the Tools menu, Letters and mailings and select Mail Merge and follow the instructions in the onscreen wizard.

    Why can't I play my music files on a friend's computer?
    If you are using Windows Media Player to create files from your own CDs, it may be using copyright protection so the music can only be played on one PC. To turn copy protection off, click on Tools, Options and then on the Rip Music tab. Uncheck the Copy protect music box. If you have downloaded the tracks from a paid-for service, they will play on your PC only.


    Sometimes there are blank spaces in websites, often where I think ads are supposed to be. I also get errors when I try to play games on web pages.
    Download the Flash or Shockwave plug-ins for your browser.

    I added my email address to a mailing list by mistake. Is there any way I can automatically delete these emails with Outlook Express?
    You can add the sender to the Blocked senders list and Outlook will automatically delete these emails. Click on the email to select it, click on the Messages menu and select Block Sender. To review the list click on the Tools menu, Message rules and then Blocked senders list.

    I have created my own website but am having trouble saving it to the hosting company. Apparently I need an FTP program. What is it and where can I get one?
    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a way of moving files around on the internet. Filezilla is easy to use and free to download.


    I have an old laser printer, which is very economical to run but connects to a computer with a parallel socket. My new PC does not have one of these. Is there any way that I can still use this printer?
    Yes, but you'll need a USB-to-parallel adaptor. Belkin makes one, which you can buy from www.cdw.com

    I often have to print out large documents but I would like to reduce the amount of paper that I use in doing so. I cannot change the size of the text in the documents. Is there any other way I can fit more on a page?
    Most printers can print what is called N-Up, where pages are shrunk to fit several onto one sheet of paper. Click on the File menu and then Print and in the Print dialogue box click on the Properties button. You should find the settings for N-Up printing here.

    I have a large collection of photograph negatives, which I want to scan onto my computer. Do I need a special scanner and how do I convert the colours back to normal?
    You can buy special scanners to scan negatives and film, such as the Plustek OpticFilm 7200. The software supplied with the scanner will convert negative images back into normal colours.

    When I start a scan the software asks me what resolution I want to use. What should I do?
    Images for use on the web will be fine at 100 dots per inch (dpi). If you want to print the picture out you should use a minimum of 300dpi but there is no point scanning at a resolution higher than the maximum resolution of your printer.

    My scanning software gives me the choice between JPG and BMP files for my scans. What is the difference?
    JPG images take up much less disk space than BMP but they manage this by compressing the picture so that some quality is lost. Every time you save a JPG image more image quality is lost so, if you are going to edit the image, you should save it as a BMP.