•  Pre-School Home Activities



    The home-school connection is an integral part of any child’s continued growth.  The pre-school staff are firm believers that carry over from school to home will benefit your child’s growth and development.  Outlined below are some general (fun) ideas/suggestions you can do with your child while you are spending some quality time at home.  At this age, the most important thing to remember is that learning should be FUN.  Preschool children learn through play!!!




    Colors, Numbers, Sequencing, Letters, Positional Concepts, etc.


    Setting the table:  

    - ask your child:  please get the green plate, the red cup, the white napkin, etc.;
    -  please get three napkins, four forks, etc.;
    -   put the napkin under/on the plate;
    -   put your cup in the middle of the table, etc.;


    Getting dressed:  

    -  find the red shirt, blue pants, white socks, etc.;

    -   how many socks do you need?  go get them;
    -   what goes on first your socks or shoes?  are your shoes over or under your socks;
    -   work on sequencing:  first we got our pants, then we got our shirt, last we ------?


    Numbers and Colors:              

    -  count out utensils;

    -  identify colors of items in your house or ask what color an item is;

    -  hide numbers in the house and play hide and seek (find the number 2);

    -  hide different colored socks or other items and play hide and seek (find the red sock; find the blue ball);

    -  press #4 on the remote to change the channel to 4;

    -  let them dial the phone numbers (tell them and show them which numbers to press);

    -  let them count their fingers and toes;



    -  going through the process/steps of dressing:  first we take our pajamas off, next we put our underpants on, then we get our socks, etc.;
    -  go through the process of setting the table;
    -   sequence your child’s day for them (this can help with their transition from one activity to another);



    -  snipping play-doh with scissors;

    -  snipping paper with scissors;

    -   cutting out pictures from magazines;

    -   at bath time, have them use eye droppers, sponges and water bottles;

    -   use salad tongs, tweezers, clothespins to pick things up;

    -   color simple shapes;

    -   tracing their highlighted names;

    -   jumping with two feet together

    -   jumping jacks;

    -   throwing and catching a ball;

    -   stringing small beads to sequence colors (cheerios, fruit loops)

    -   fingerpaint (with shaving cream or pudding)




    -  pretend play with dollhouse, pirate ship, farm, firehouse, etc.;

    -  any type of cooking activities;

    -  nursery rhymes and songs;

    -   sorting and matching games (same and different);

    -   simple turn taking when reading books;

                                    -  while reading books – ask identification questions.