Two-way communication between parent


    and teacher is essential in the daily


    education and well-being of your child.

    Folders: Your child should come to school each day with a two- pocket folder.  I will check the folder each morning for any notes that you might send to school such as a change in after school pick-up, a doctor/dentist appointment during the school day, or an early dismissal for your child.  Please empty your child's folder each day as there will be important notices that will come home throughout the school year.
    E-mail: You can reach me at koreilly@hillsdaleschools.com.  I will do my best to get back to you before the end of the school day or before I leave for the evening.
    Monthly newsletter:  I will be sending home a hard copy of my newsletter during the first week of each month.  You can also find it at the beginning of each month on my web page.
    Contact the school:  You can call the school office (201-664-8088) anytime.  My extension is 6034 where you can leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  I am available before and after school on most days.  If I am able to meet with you right away, I'll be happy to do so.  Otherwise, we can set-up an appointment at a mutually convenient time.