Reader's Workshop

       During Reader's Workshop, the students will be reading books that they choose on their "just right" reading level. Each day the students will participate in a mini lesson that will demonstrate a very specific reading skill. Then they will return to their reading spot with a partner and read quietly for the remainder of the period. As they read, the students will utilize the strategies taught during the mini lessons. They will demonstrate their use of these strategies in their books using post-its and in their reader's notebooks using templates, note cards, and journal responses. 
       In order to reinforce the reading skills being taught in class, the students will be required to read for 15-20 minutes a night. Each week the students will keep track of their at home reading by completing a Reading Log. The Reading Log will be passed out and collected every Monday. The students have seven days to read five days, although reading all seven days is certainly encouraged. :) Please use the Reading Log below to print out a new copy if you need one. Once a week the students will also be required to complete a Reader Response using the book they are currently reading. The response will be related to the theme of the Reading Unit.