• Kindergarten Philosophy
    Our goal is to provide children with successful learning experiences that help foster a positive attitude and good self image in each child. Our program is structured and well organized, but with enough freedom to promote independent thinking and creativity.We also think it is very important to meet students individual academic and social needs in a way that builds upon their strong points and remediates their area of weakness.
    We use positive reinforcement as an effective motivation. We believe it is very important to catch the children acting appropriately and reward them to encourage positive attention. It is clear to us that children need to be given guidelines as to what is expected of them academically and behaviorally. By establishing classroom and safety rules with the children, we develop a model for appropriate behavior at school. We use consequences for misbehavior to insure the safety and well being of the children. We use consequences only when necessary to discourage inappropriate behaviors. We stress consistency in both positive and negative reinforcement in order to develop a good self image in your children.