Absences - If your child will be absent or tardy, please call 201-664-8088.  The office will compile a list of calls received.  This list will then be checked.  For further information on excused and unexcused absences, please contact the school secretary.

    Attendance - Please help your child arrive to school on time each day.  Students report at the blue rug door right outside the new Kindergarten wing at 8:50 (by baseball field).  According to the school policy, if your child arrives to school after 9:00 am bell has rung, she/he is tardy.  An attendance note/tardy pass from the office is required before going to the classroom.

    Behavior Management - Behavior management is something that I stress in class.  Once the class comes up with classroom agreements and rules, we need to make sure they are implemented.  As a class, the students will be working toward 20 gumballs.  They can earn gumballs for positive behavior and a good work ethic.  As an individual, the students will also be working toward 15 stickers on a monthly sticker card, also for positive behavior and a good work ethic.  Also, every day the students will receive a communication card with plusses and squiggles.  Again this is enforcing positive behavior.  When your child brings home the card, please talk to your child about his/her marks.  At the end of the day, if your child has more plusses than squiggles they will get an extra sticker for their sticker chart.  If there is a problem that needs to be dealt with, I will communicate with the parents and we will try to solve the problem together.

    Birthday - We will celebrate your child’s birthday by making a birthday book that will be brought home.  According to the new school policy, birthday treats are no longer permitted in the schools. A gentle request: please refrain from bringing birthday invitations to school- this can become a very difficult situation.  Instead, mail personal invitations to home addresses that the MFFA will provide.

    Book Orders - Approximately once a month, you and your family will have the opportunity to look through several book orders and choose books to purchase.  Book orders are especially terrific for the classroom since bonus points are awarded to the class based on the amount of books ordered.  These bonus points provide oodles of FREE books for the classroom!  Please order your books online at scholatic.com/bookclubs.  By ordering online there is a much larger selection of books to choose from to enhance your child's library..

    Breakfast - Please make sure your child eats a healthy and big breakfast before school.

    Book bags - A bookbag/backpack will be helpful in carrying papers, notes, books, etc. to and from school.  Be sure your child’s name is written clearly on the bookbag/backpack.

    Centers  - We will have centers in the class on a weekly basis.  This will begin once the students get acclimated to school and the routine.  This is a wonderful way for the students to get to know each other and work together in smaller groups.

    Changes - Typically, your child has a set schedule after school.  However, these plans may change.  If you need to change your child’s after school plans, we need a written note about the change.  Make sure you date the note as well.  If emergencies occur, leave a message at the office.  I will get the message.  You can email me but sometimes I can’t always check my email during the day.

    Character - Meadowbrook Elementary will be teaching Character Education throughout the year.  Every month a characteristic will be highlighted throughout the school in the classroom.  The curriculum focuses on universal attributes: Courage, Loyalty, Justice, Respect, Hope, Honesty, Love, etc.

    Circle Time - Each day, the students will be actively engaged in circle time which includes: a morning message, the calendar, weather, seasons, tooth chart, number of days of school, alphabet chart, etc.  Many different concepts and skills will be taught through circle time; counting, data collection, graphing, problem solving, patterns, letter recognition, sound recognition, etc. 

    Class Agreement - We spend a large amount of time, particularly at the beginning of the year, creating our classroom agreement.  This agreement is our belief system- it is a list of what we believe would make our class a safe place to come and learn.  Because children work together in creating the beliefs, it becomes a very important document. 

    Computers - Technology is integrated into the day as much as possible.  We have a Dell computer in the classroom, plus wireless computers that can be brought into the class as well as a Smart Board.  Software/Programs and websites are an important part of the math, reading, writing, social studies and science program.

    Conferences  - Please feel free to schedule a conference at any time during the school year.  You can schedule a conference by sending in a note, emailing or calling the school.  We also have two required conferences during the school year. One is scheduled for November and the other is the beginning of June.  My door is always open!

    Correspondence  - A note to the teacher is required whenever a change occurs, such as a bus change, after-school care change, different person picking up your child, address change, etc.  There will be a mailbox at the entrance of the classroom for all correspondences.

    Dismissal - School is dismissed at 3:10.  We also have to dismiss hand-to-hand.  I can not allow the students to meet you at the bike rack.  If you have an older child in the school that you want to come and pick up your Kindergartener, that is allowed, but I need a note from you.  If students take the bus, they need a bus pass and must know what bus they ride.  An aide will bring them down to the bus line; they will not walk by themselves!  I will walk the after care students down to the after care room once every student is dismissed.  If you are picking up your child prior to 3:05, you need to send a note indicating who will be picking up the student and the time.  The authorized person then needs to go to the office and sign the student out.

    Dress -  The school day, your child will be busy with a number of materials.  Allow your child to wear clothes that may get dirty from the daily activities.  In order to prevent lost or unclaimed clothes, please write your child’s name on any jackets/coats/sweaters, etc.

    Early Dismissal  - Be prepared!  In the event school closes early due to inclement weather, your child should know what to do.  Have a prearranged plan and discuss this with your child.  Be sure to fill out the school forms indicating your plan and return it to school ASAP.  Teachers will NOT be able to call families!  We will go by the plan that you have indicated.

    Email  - Email is a very important tool of communication.  I like to use e-mail, although it is hard for me to check all day long.  I try to check it at least twice a day, once for sure.  Please be patient if I do not get back to you right away, I will!  In an emergency, contact the office. My email is llio@hillsdaleschools.com

    Emergencies  - We ask all families to indicate telephone numbers on the school information cards/forms in case of an emergency or illness.

    Extra Clothing - Please send in a shoe box filled with extra clothes in case your child has an accident, gets dirty, etc.  Please send in an extra shirt, pants, underwear, socks, etc.  As the weather changes and your child grows please be sure that the clothes are appropriate.

    Field Trips  - The kindergarteners are very lucky to attend many field trips throughout the year.  We feel it is very important to expose our children to different activities and events.  We go Pumpkin Picking in October and have an End of the Year Picnic.  We also bring in educational programs for our students, such as Outragehiss Pets, etc.

    Folders  - Please send in a folder that has pockets on each side and is clearly labeled.  The students complete work during the day and it is important for them to share it with you.  Please check and empty the folder every day and review your child’s work with him/her..

    Growth - From September to June, the amount of growth and progress the students make, will amaze you!!

    Handwriting - The Hillsdale School District has adopted Fundations at the Kindergarten level.  This is a structured phonics program that has a hands-on handwriting program included.  We use this program every day.

    Homework - There will be no weekly homework.  During holidays or special events assignments may be given to complete at home with your assistance, please make sure you read every night.

    Independence - Students will be able to develop their independence and I will address their individual learning styles.

    Journey - J is the journey that we are beginning.  My door is always open!

    Kinesthetic - Kinesthetic learners are children who learn best when they are on the move. In my class I do not expect the students to sit for long periods of time.  Students are most successful when they can practice or do what they are learning.  Some buzz words that I use are fine/gross motor skills, brain gym activities, sensory intervention, and kid yoga!

    Library Books - Kindergarteners are allowed to check out one book at a time from the media center.  This allows children to develop independence and responsibility.  The librarian, will notify us as to on what days students can check out books.

    LIO - My name is Lauren Lio, born and raised in an educational family.  My parents were in the field, my mom was a basic skills teacher in an elementary school and my dad was a high school principal.  My older sister is a Speech Pathologist, who is now a VP in a middle school.  The students will get quite familiar with them!  Education definitely runs in the family.  I’ve had a lot of experience teaching children in Kindergarten.  I feel it is extremely important to make the first year of school the most exciting and memorable.  I graduated college from Elon University in NC with a dual major in Elementary and Special Education.  I have a Masters Degree in Reading from William Paterson University.  I also enjoy sports and love the Yankees and the Giants!!!  I can assure you that all of my students will feel safe, supported and loved in my classroom.  I love parents who are willing to work as a team player with me to give their child the best school experience!!

    Literacy - Reader's Workshop incorporates reading aloud, shared reading, guided reading literacy groups, and writing as integral components in creating a balanced literacy program.  There will be times each day for independent, small group, and reading & writing with the teacher.

    Lost and Found - If an item is not found in the classroom, the Lost and Found table is located in the gym right across from Miss Carr’s Office.  Be sure to check the area on several occasions- sometimes articles appear days or weeks later. 

    Lunch - Kindergarten students eat lunch as one large group.  Our lunch is from 12:20-1:05.  Payment for meals can occur daily.  Please put money in an envelope labeled with your child’s name on it.  If possible, we would encourage you to pay for lunches on a weekly or monthly basis.  More information will follow from the lunchroom.

    Math - During our daily scheduled math time, your child will be involved in a number of whole group and individual math activities.  There will be opportunities for your child to also work daily in small groups in order to meet and develop your child’s individual needs, interests and strengths.  We will implement the school-wide math program, Scott Foresman – Addison Wesley.

    Medicine  - If it becomes necessary for any student to take ANY form of medication (prescription OR over-the-counter) at school, we must have a form signed by the parent and physician and must be administered by the school nurse.  See the school nurse if you have any questions.

    MFFA - We encourage you to join the Meadowbrook Elementary MFFA and attend meetings.  There are monthly meetings scheduled. You will be notified through fliers.  The MFFA contributes significantly to the school both financially and personally through volunteer programs.  Support the MFFA, it supports you!

    Money - Please place all money in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and teacher’s name on the front.  Please indicate on the envelope the purpose of the money.

    Monthly Newsletter - Monthly Newsletters will be put on my webpage at the beginning of each month.  This is another way to communicate and explain what is going on in the classroom and what to expect during the month.

    Nurse - Our school nurse is in every day.  Please try to emphasize to your child that we only go to the nurse if there is an emergency.  For some reason, Kindergarten students love going to the nurse!

    Opportunity - To learn, grow, make friends and establish the foundation as a life long learner.

    Practice - Please, please, please practice and review with your children at home.  It is amazing to see this difference when students work with their parents at home.  Please review and look over work that is completed during the day.

    Question - Please let me know when you have questions.

    Quiet Time - Every day after lunch the students have a 15 minute quiet time.  This gives the students a chance to get a drink, use the bathroom, etc.  During quiet time students will have an opportunity to watch an educational video, listen to relaxing music, read a book, or draw.

    Read - READ, READ, READ!!!  The more you read to your child, the better reader they become!  It is so important to read to your child every day.  Please, Please, Please!

    Show and Tell - Throughout the day, the children will have numerous opportunities to share their ideas, work and outcomes with each other.  However, it is also important for children to share themselves with others using things from home and will have an opportunity to do so during show and tell time.

    In an attempt to make this an enriching experience that does not detract from the sense of classroom community, we will use ‘Share Bags”.

    Each day during snack, 2 children will share one item from home.  The night before, the children sharing will choose one item, write 3 clues about the item and place them in the bag which will be brought to school in the morning.  During Show and Tell, the students will have an opportunity to hear the clues and make a guess based on the clues.  A Show and Tell calendar will be sent home at the beginning of the month, this will start in October.

    Schedule - A copy of our daily schedule will be sent home, including times of our special classes.  This will be on my webpage.

    Snack - The children will have an opportunity for a morning snack.  Please send a snack for your child daily.  Be sure the snack is nutritious and healthy (no candy).  Please follow the school policy on safe snacks.  Contact the school nurse with any questions. If a snack needs a spoon or fork, please send that in also.

    Star of the Week- Each student will have an opportunity to be the Star of the Week.  A notice will be sent home explaining the week.  Please make sure you fill out the sheet and return it ASAP.   This will begin in October and continue throughout the year.

    Teamwork - Home and school working cooperatively throughout the year.

    Umbrellas - Umbrellas are a no, no.  Please do not send an umbrella with your child, a raincoat and hat will do the trick!

    Visitors - All visitors, parents and others are to check in at the office before visiting a classroom.  Visitors are always welcome!

    Volunteers - Parent involvement is needed and appreciated- a volunteer sheet will be sent home on Back to School Night.  Any one in the family is encouraged to volunteer!

    Webpage - Please check our class webpage at https://www.hillsdaleschools.com

    Weekly Readers - Each Kindergarten will have a subscription to this newspaper/magazine for young children.  Several times a month, your child will receive his/her own copy of the publication.  It is a great resource that will be used in the classroom as an additional type of literacy material and will be integrated throughout the subjects.

    Writing - Your child will write everyday in Writers Workshop.  Every child moves through several stages as writers (scribbling, random letters, invented spelling, conventional spelling), and all stages are recognized and celebrated.  The writing process will become an important part of our writing program, as we begin to look at basic conventions of writing and the development of story. 

    X - “Xcitement!!”  

    Y - Yankees, Go Yanks!

    Z - Zipper, snap, button and tie.  Practice this at home!