• The speech book

    If you child is receiving speech therapy services you are probably wondering what happens when they come to speech.

    Each child will receive a composition notebook.  This notebook is a way for us to communicate with each other.   Your child may receive homework assignments and they will be found in this notebook. 

    Inside the front cover of the notebook you will find an incentive chart for your child.  Your child will receive a sticker each time they bring their book to speech.  They will also receive a sticker if their homework assignment is complete and signed by you.  By having you sign the homework, it encourages your child to bring the speech book home so that you can be an active partner in our speech sessions. Your support is essential to achieveing success in speech.

     I also encourage each child to practice using good listening and good manners during our speech session.  So this is another way they can earn a sticker for their chart.  The final way that your child can achieve a sticker is if they TRY THEIR BEST!  Sometimes what we are working on is extremely challening for your child.  I always encourage my students to give something a try even if it is really challenging.   

    When your child fills in a row on the chart they will choose a large sticker to place on the cover of their book.  When the chart is completely filled they will get a chance to visit my prize box.

    Please use the speech book to comment on your child did during the week practicing their new skills.  Five minutes a day makes a huge difference.  Try to spread out their speech practice throughout the week instead of trying to practice for a longer session once a week.

    I am looking forward to a great year in speech!