• Reading Strategies


    • Tap into prior knowledge:   Students think about what they already know about the topic about which they will read or write about. 


    •  Predicting:  Students make predictions or thoughtful “guesses” about what will happen in the story or book they are reading.  These guesses are based on what students already know about the topic and the literary genre, or on what they have read thus far. 


    • Organizing ideas:  Students organize ideas and sequence story events as they read


    • Visualizing:  Students create mental pictures of what they are reading.  This can be done by closing one’s eyes, drawing a picture, or acting out a scene.


    • Making connections:  Students personalize what they are reading by relating it to their own lives. They recall similar experiences or compare characters to themselves.  They may connect the story they are reading to other literature they have read.


    • Monitoring:  As they read, students ask themselves questions to be sure that they understand what they are reading.  


    • Summarizing:  Students identify important ideas in the story.