• Classroom Philosophy
    and Goals
       I have always dreamed of becoming a teacher.  As a child I loved learning and having fun while I was learning, therefore, I thought that becoming a teacher was the best job that anyone could have, and I was right!  For me, teaching is the most enjoyable and rewarding job.  I love coming to work each day, knowing that I am going to be welcomed with smiling faces that are eager to learn new and interesting things.  
       My classroom philosophy focuses on one aspect, which is that learning should be fun for everyone.  School is meant to be a place where students feel as though they are a valuable asset to their classroom.  My goal is to make sure that each of my students are content and confident each day when they come to school.  With this in mind, our classroom is a child-centered classroom created for the children and by the children. 
       Throughout each day I focus on positive behavior, which in turn creates a positive learning environment.  Through the use of "smiley face charts" students are rewarded for being independent thinkers, for working cooperatively with others, for trying new things, and for simply being on task.  The students love seeing their positive behaviors add up, and they especially love earning special prizes for all of their hard work!  We are also very focused on being "bucket fillers" in our class and treating each other with kindness and respect at all times 
       All in all, my goal is to encourage each student to try their best and to never give up.  It is my hope that my students will leave 1st Grade feeling confident about themselves and in their ability levels.  As each student moves on to 2nd Grade I hope that they will take with them a fond memory of 1st Grade and all of the wonderful experiences that we shared together as a class.
    Claudia Gibney