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    The children will have 1-2 pages of homework a night, usually a math page and phonics work.  Homework will be marked HW at the top of the page and should be in the homework and notice side of the take home folder.  A weekly homework schedule is posted at the bottom of this page.
    Please encourage your children to take their time and complete the homework neatly. They should use the guidelines on the paper to form letters and numbers correctly.  
    If your child cannot finish an assignment, just send me a note or an e-mail saying the work will be completed and returned the following day.
    Reading and Phonics:

    We love to read in first grade! We will be reading many types of books in our classroom throughout the year.  Please read with your children every day and sign the reading log in their reader's notebooks.

     Click on the following link to view the various characteristics of books at each reading level: 
    Reader's Notebooks will be issued to all students in class.  Each week the notebooks will be updated with new words and sentences from the current Fundations phonics unit.  The children should practice with the notebooks to improve their word recognition, phonics skills, fluency, and to boost their reading confidence.  
         Please initial your children's notebooks every day after they have read for 10-15 minutes.  Practicing the notebook, reading a book with a parent or sibling, reading independently...any and all reading counts for the daily reading time! 
    Written phonics homework is usually a Fundations worksheet that is assigned on Monday and due on Friday.  The worksheet is found in the Fundations unit packet. 
         Math homework is typically a double sided page from the math workbook that reinforces the day's lesson. 
    We use various learning tools in class to help understand math concepts, and the children are encouraged to use objects at home when completing their math homework.
              **Please read every day for 10-15 minutes**
    Monday:          Happy Summer!!
Last Modified on June 17, 2020