Physical Education Lesson Format

    IA - Instant Activity
    This activity immediately gets the students moving upon arrival to produce physical and mental readiness.  It increases blood flow to major muscle groups, and helps to get students excited about participating in activities to follow.
    FIT - Fitness Activity
    This activity focuses in on all or certain components of fitness, such as HEART POWER, MUSCULAR STRENGTH, MUSCULAR ENDURANCE, and FLEXIBILITY.
    GS - Game Skills
    This is the main activity of class which incorporates character education traits.  This activity develops the abilities of students.  Student's uniqueness comes out where traits of leadership, cooperation, self-esteem, creativity, and a sense of fair play are demonstrated.
    CA - Closing Activity
    The cool-down activity may involve closure to the lesson with questions, and consists of an activity for fun the students particularly enjoy.  It doesn't necessarily practice the same skills that were part of the main lesson (Game Skills).