April 17,  2015
Due Friday, April 17th:  Final Copy of your three paragraph essay on the articles about ensuring toy safety.
Final copy must be typed, 12 font, double spaced.  Be sure to have a heading and title.  Follow your checklist for all requirements.
You will also attach your outline and rough draft to the final copy.
Heading (top  left corner)
Your name
Mrs. Gonnella
Section 7-
April 17, 2015


N E W     A S S I G N M E N T  !!!!
The following due dates are for your Writing Poster:
Due Thursday, April 16th--Typed Narrative of your Personal Adventure--about 400 words
Due Monday, April 20th:  Typed Descriptive Writing and Typed Expository Writing  --about 400 words each
Due Wednesday, April 22:  Completed Poster and Completed Smiley Face Paper




You are going to create an amazing, awesome poster.  Follow the directions carefully to complete this assignment.  Everyone’s   final poster will be displayed.  Your poster will include:

·         Title

·         Your name, section, and due date

·         Three pictures  (one each for the narrative, descriptive, and expository sections)

·          Three writing pieces

·         All twelve smiley face tricks (included somewhere within the three pieces)
     Also include a current picture of yourself. 


1. Narrative Writing:  ADVENTURE STORY with a PICTURE to illustrate something about the adventure  

Think about your past adventures.  There are many kinds of adventures.  People have adventures playing sports, exploring a park, visiting a farm for the first time,  or even staying indoors on a stormy afternoon.  Adventures can be scary, exciting, or just really interesting and memorable experiences.  Write an autobiographical narrative about an adventure you have had.  Develop the characters, setting, and plot so your readers can share the experience with you.  Be sure to include your thoughts and feelings as you write your story.  Add some dialogue a well. As you write be sure to apply all you know about varied sentence structure and “smiley-face tricks.”  These “tricks” will help you to elaborate, describe, give your writing voice, and expand the creative style of your writing. They are considered great compositional risks and push your writing into a more mature, advanced category.  The adventure should be broken into various paragraphs as needed for topic changes and dialogue. 

2. Descriptive Writing:  DESCRIPTION OF A PLACE with a PICTURE

You are to describe a place that changed you in some way.  This may be a place where you learned something new or experienced something different for the first time.   Be sure to include as many sensory details as possible.  What was heard, seen, smelled, tasted, felt in this place?  You want to create mental images for the reader, transport the reader to this scene, and create a dominant impression.  (Magic Three J) A dominant impression means to create one mood.  Be sure to include some smiley face tricks as you write.  Your focus here should be more about describing than about action.  Think of this moment as “frozen” in time, and you are describing it with detail.  You can imagine that you are standing in this place or not; it is up to you.  However, avoid using “I” and “you” as much as possible.  Also, try to describe with some organization.  Readers of your essay should be able to visualize this place even just by imagining the words and descriptions you provide.  As always, use your best writing skills and separate paragraphs as needed. 

3. Expository Writing:  EXPLAIN AND GIVE REASONS with a PICTURE to help illustrate your topic

Expository Writing means you are explaining something. You explain and elaborate with facts, examples, famous quotations, figurative language, allusions, definitions, etc.

Prompt:  Think about what could make the world a happier place.  Choose one thing and explain your reasoning. 

This will be a four paragraph response:  1. Introduction

                                                                              2. First Reason

                                                                              3. Second Reason


                                                                              4. Conclusion

















 We will work through the writing process to develop each of these pieces.  I will help you to organize and complete each piece.  Part of the work will be completed in class and part of it will be completed at home.


POSTER FORMAT:  You will type everything.  Nothing should be hand- written.

Nothing should hang off the poster.  Be sure all pictures and typing fit on the poster paper, which I will supply.  Neatness, completeness, and creativity count!  I am looking forward to reading!