September 30, 2014
1. Due Wednesday, October 1st:  Final typed copy of Smiley Face Tricks we have been working on in class.  As you type, be sure to label each "trick" and put them in the order that we wrote them in class.  Use the usual heading for this assignment.  Include your name, section, date, and assignment title.  As you type your "tricks" be sure to revise and proofread for your best writing skills.  This will be graded as a test.
3. Read Chapter 4 of Messenger and answer Chapter 4 Questions in your Journal.  Be sure to answer with complete sentences.  Be neat and check all writing, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization skills.
4.  Also, continue to add to the other areas of the journal as you read each chapter. 
  5. Complete your Vocabulary "Poster."  Be prepared to present your word to the class tomorrow.