January 29,  2015
Prepare for the Reciting of your Favorite Poem on Thursday, January 29th.  You will need to tell us the title, author, your reason for choosing this poem, and then recite the poem. 
Imitation Poem (imitating the "Abandoned Farmhouse" poem) 
          Due  Monday (February 2, 2015):  Final Copy --Typed and Decorated                                                        
This was due on Wednesday, January 27th:  Be sure you have completed the multiple choice questions and three essay question responses for the poems we read on Monday:  "Seal"   "Three Haiku"  "The Pasture"   See information below:


Dear Students:

      Please read the following-- Pages 718 and 719 In Literature Textbook.  Then do the following: 

·         read “Seal” p. 720

·         read “The Pasture” page 721

·         read Three Haiku on page 722

·         Answer Multiple Choice Questions and Essay Questions. You may answer the multiple choice questions on the test paper.  All work is to be done OPEN BOOK. 

·         Each essay question must be written on separate paper.  Write a full paragraph for each essay.  This includes:   Topic Sentence (titles, authors, topic)

                                        Three examples or reasons

                                         Supporting details from the poems


                                        Integrated quotes

                                        An amazing conclusion that explains the importance or message

                                                or new understanding the reader of your essay should have.