November 19, 2014 
November Scope:  Paired Texts:  "Will We Be Killed?" and "Life on the 'Rez'" 
 At this point, you should have completed the outlines and rough drafts for the similarities and differences paragraphs.  Final copies will be due on Tuesday, November 25th.  You must staple your outlines and rough drafts to your final typed copy.  Follow the following rules:
In the top left corner, type your heading:
Your Name
Mrs. Gonnella
Language Arts 7-
November 25, 2014
Then center a title of your own choosing. 
Then type your two paragraphs--similarities first followed by the differences. Be sure to indent your paragraphs.
Everything must be typed in 12 font, Times New Roman, double spaced. 
No pictures, colors, underlining, bold letters!!
 Be sure to being all issues of Scope Magazine to class every day.