October 31, 2014 
START WORKING ON THIS:  Your Poster Project is due on Wednesday, November 12th.  Follow all directions carefully.  I will provide the poster paper.

Messenger    Poster Project Requirements


The Basics: 

1.     Be sure to include your name and section

2.     Be sure to include the title, Messenger, and the author, Lois Lowry,  in BIG, BOLD, VISIBLE LETTERS


The Smiley Face Tricks:

Type and label at least one example of each smiley face trick (there are 12) that you found in Lois Lowry’s writing.  Be sure you have copied down her words exactly and write the page number of the example you have copied.  LABEL the copied example!! 

Example:    Simile:  “Frolic attacked the stick like a warrior.” Page 135


The Drawing:

Draw a picture of an important event in the novel.  Use your best artwork. Even if you are not artistic, you can really try and be accurate and neat and show some effort.  This must be hand drawn—just do your best. 


Above the drawing, make a “Headline.”   


Below the drawing, copy lines from the novel with the page number that describe what is happening in the picture.  See example below from a different novel.


The Web:


Make a Character Web for Matty.  Matty’s name should be in the center in a circle.  Then draw spokes to the problems he faced.  Each conflict must be stated and explained.    For example, you may draw a spoke and write:  Ramon—Ramon was a conflict for Matty because he boasted and gloated over having a Gaming Machine.  This caused Matty to feel jealousy towards Ramon, and this put a strain on their friendship.  Matty also had an internal conflict about whether or not to heal Ramon.  He wanted to heal his friend, but he was afraid the process of healing would take away the strength he would need to travel through Forest and bring Kira back.”   


There should be at least six spokes leading to six different conflicts.  Remember that conflicts may be person vs. person, person vs. society, person vs. nature, person vs. himself.


The Effects:


Write about how the book affected your head—How did it make you think?  Write about five different events and how they made you think and what you thought about.


Write about how the book affected your heart—How did it make you feel?  Write about five different events and how they made you feel emotionally as you read the book.



The Theme:


Write a paragraph about the theme of this novel.  What values and life lessons can be learned?  Remember that the theme is the central message, concern, or purpose in a literary work.  A theme can usually be expressed as a generalization about human beings or about life—the human condition.  The theme is NOT a summary of the plot.  The theme is the writer’s central idea.  Sometimes the theme is a universal truth—an idea that is so universal that people from anywhere and from any time period want to express.  These will express common wants, needs, fears, and joys.  Sometimes a theme is the moral of the story (rule to live by). 


In your paragraph, explain the theme of Messenger and provide examples from the novel to prove that this is the theme.  Remember all rules for writing an open ended response paragraph.


The Decorations:


Be sure to add decorations and color to your poster.  There should be no empty space.  You may use the computer or any other decorating ideas to make your poster POP!!